Where can I get more information about being physically active at work?

First explore other sections of the website of the Canadian Council for Active Living at Work that you are currently viewing. This site features a variety of resources that can help about the many benefits of workplace health and wellness, as well as ways to become more active to, from or at work. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to review the ‘Check It Out’! sidebar on the homepage, as well as the Resources and Partners & Links section. [Tomahawk, please create hyperlink to the 3 sections on the CCHALW site underlined above]

Here are some other sources of information about active living in the workplace that you may find helpful:

  • Making It Work with Active Living in the Workplace
    Making It Work is a comprehensive ‘how-to’ manual with practical ideas and creative approaches to active living in the workplace – pick and choose the ones that best fit your organization! For more information click here.
  • Walk & Roll: A guide to active transportation to, from and at the workplace
    This is a total package for making the case for active living to, from and at work. Available through the offices of one of the Council’s key partners, Go for Green!, this guide includes valuable information on addressing barriers to being active and how to develop and implement an effective active living at work plan.
  • Stairway to Health
    is an interactive, web-based resource for employers and employees to encourage stair use rather than the elevators as one cost-effective means to incorporate healthy physical activity into daily work life. The site features practical tools such as point of choice signage, fact sheets, design considerations for making stairways inviting and safe and program management tools.
  • The Business Case for Active Living at Work
    Launched in partnership with Health Canada in 2001, this unique Internet resource highlights research on the benefits of physical activity in and a convincing business case for implementing effective workplace health and wellness programs. This popular site received more than one million hits in its first year alone and is currently in the process of being entirely redesigned and updated for spring 2006.

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