What are some examples of Canadian businesses enjoying the benefits of an active workforce?

Canadian evidence suggests that businesses who support active living get a real return on investment. For example:

  • Canada Life in Toronto showed a return on investment of $6.85 on each corporate dollar invested on reduced turnover, productivity gains and decreased medical claims. Dr. Roy Shephard for the Canadian government found corporate wellness programs returned $1.95-$3.75 per employee per dollar spent.
  • Municipal employees in Toronto missed 3.35 fewer days in the first six months of their ‘Metro Fit’ fitness programs than employees not enrolled in the program. British Columbia Hydro employees enrolled in a work-sponsored fitness program had a turnover rate of just 3.5% compared with a company average of 10.3%.
  • The Canadian Life Assurance Company found that the turnover rate for fitness program participants was 32.4% lower than the average over a seven-year period. Toronto Life Assurance found that employee turnover for those enrolled in the company’s fitness program was 1.5% versus 15% for non-participants.

For more examples of Canadian businesses who are enjoying the many benefits of active living at work, check out these Success Stories at http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/pau-uap/fitness/work/case_studies_e.html

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